Innovation tools

Grow business through innovation & design

We are excited to collaborate with companies who value innovation and design as business drivers. Clients who embrace change as an opportunity. With years of experience, we support global brands and unique ventures with user-driven innovations to create meaningful game-changing value for both businesses and customers.

Qindle®’s Q-model® holds the four different pillar of our innovation strategy, which can be either the brand, the product, the business or a sustainable ambition. No matter where we start, through an iterative design process we let creative strategy seamlessly connect with tangible design solutions and bright engineering. The result is not just words, we Make it Real.


— Ignite your brand

A brand should be an organic mechanism with a purpose, able to adapt to a constantly changing world. Whether it is shaping a new brand or sharpening an existing one, we will guide brands in defining their mission, vision and purpose in order to create maximum value. Through smart positioning we ensure brand relevancy for the target audience.

— Reach for the stars

Creating ideas should be a continuous process within a company. Selecting the right ones, is the challenge. We combine consumer and business insights with strategic branding and design to find that unique opportunity, creating not only value for the target audience, but also an opportunity which is feasible within the organisation.

— Unleash potential

Understanding the market and your consumers is the starting point of creating valid insights, that can result in viable innovations to further build the business. Using research, creative strategy and design, we create new business concepts for growth based on existing products and/or technology.

— Brighten the Future

Companies nowadays are challenged to act sustainably, making profit whilst improving social and environmental conditions. It is argued to be the only long-term option for success from a financial, regulatory and ethical point of view. We collaboratively define the ‘smart sustainability’ within your brand and found tangible sustainable solutions.

Qindle supports us with the repositioning of our brand. It is a professional team, our creative partner with expert staff. With a customer-oriented, hands-on attitude, they really managed to recreate a strong and fresh identity for our brand.

Hans Tietema Founder Kaldi